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Photographer: Yuan Xiaopeng
  •         Title: Free Park
  •         Photographer: Yuan Xiaopeng
  •         Date of publication: winter, 2013
  •         Place of publication: Shanghai, China
  •         Dimensions: Newspaper “Free Park”: 52 pages, 297x420mm                                                           Instructions “Free Exhibition”: 16 pages, 140x210mm
  •         Publisher: Same Studio
  •         Website:
  •         Distributed by: Rosa Books, Jiluchang, and Banana Fish

As Claire Roberts mentioned in her latest book Photography and China: “many practitioners of ‘personal photography’ work for magazines and newspapers by day and create their own highly personal images at night, participating across the spectrum of a new, image-rich culture.” One of these photographers is Shanghai-based photographer Yuan Xiaopeng.

Yuan Xiaopeng (b. 1987) is a young photographer and illustrator who currently work for a weekly newspaper in Shanghai.  He is a member of Same Studio along with Beijing-based Wang Yijun. Same Studio is an artist collective that collects and share interesting books across the world.

Free Park is Yuan’s first solo-published piece, which is presented alongside a quirky exhibition that lasted only 2 hours. The body of work showcases the photography and illustrations of Yuan Xiaopeng during his stay in Shanghai from 2010 to 2013. Shot in Shanghai, Free Park is a pleasurable jaunt into the essence of the time and place, from in and around his rented flat to the local market. Wang Yijun, another member of Same Studio contributed to the typography and design. Each photograph in the newspaper is presented like a fragment of a larger picture, creating a fragmented yet still coherent perception of the photographer’s life in the metropolitan city. Free Park also includes a fun pamphlet, entitled “Free Exhibition,” about a fake installation exhibition.

Photographer’s statement:

The pictures were taken from 2010 to 2013, when I was moved to Shanghai to avoid the pressure from my family in Nanchang. I work here and spend most of my time wandering around the city and having sex with strangers in my rented house. Usually, I photograph the people I meet most frequently, in order to satisfy the image in my imagination. There is staged scene as well documenting the moment.

Free Park | Same Paper

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