Let the Orange in | Grey Chen

Text by Huang Shisi

Let the Orange In
Hard Cover, 52 pages, 41 color plates, 25x20cm
Self published, Nottingham UK, Jul 2012

Book cover, Let the orange in, book by Grey Chen
Book cover, Let the orange in, book by Grey Chen

“It’s easy to lost the joy of photography since we are doing so hard – trudged thousands of miles, wrestling with different compositions, staging for large scenes, manipulating a single image all day long; while it is much easier to forget the reason of taking photographs when serious documentary, mass advertising and fine art market were taking advantages of photography itself.”
__ Grey Chen, Let the Orange in

Let the Orange in is the photobook made by photographer Grey Chen — the essential collection of her photography project about Light. In this project, she has been taking photographs of the scenes with light illuminated since 2010. While the fondness of light must be dated back much earlier, just as she mentioned in the book — sometimes, light is the only inspiration since most of the things are quicker to get tired with after long period of study.

British typical haze weathers awakened her deep desires of sunshine in the beginning, and then she started thinking about the connections between sunlights and emotions. Afterwards, her research went to the direction if the color of light could work instead of light itself in photography – since nothing could be seen without light, while in color photography, light becomes colors after processing. That is why Grey used Orange to replace Sunshie in the title – Let the Orange in. The relationships among light, objects, colors and emotions are what she has interests in.

It is intriguing that her book has haunted me since the first look — the warm fading orange cover, the photographs recorded scarce sunshine fulfilling British people’s daily life, the oily bacon and egg in the morning sunshine, the mouldy lemon slices in the sunset. Grey is a master playing with color photography — she turns the gentlest daily scenes into dynamic photographs, creating a world fulfilling with light, keeping our eyes open for her love of the world.

Let the orange in, photography by Grey Chen, 2013
Let the orange in, photography by Grey Chen, 2013
Let the Orange In, photography by Grey Chen, 2013
Let the Orange In, photography by Grey Chen, 2013
Let the Orange In, photography by Grey Chen, 2013
Let the Orange In, photography by Grey Chen, 2013

Grey Chen (灰小), MA in Photography in Nottingham Trent University, UK; BA (Second Year) in Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London. Her works have been selected in several exhibitions in Europe, mainly UK.

See more, www.greychen.com


Let the Orange in是由摄影师Grey Chen创作且自行出版的摄影画册,此书选取了她的摄影项目“光”中的主要作品。从2010年起,她便开始了不断追寻光的旅程。而对光的热爱,其实始于更早的时候。正如她在书的后记中所提,对事物关注过久总会让人容易感到厌倦,唯有光是她永恒的灵感。

英国典型的阴霾天气唤醒了她对阳光的深深渴望,促使她开始思考光线和情绪的关系。尔后,她的研究方向走上颜色是否能代替光线本身来作用——因为万物离开光线便不存在(不可被看见)。在彩色摄影中,呈现在底片上的光经过冲印之后便呈现为颜色。这也是为什么在标题Let the Orange in中,Grey用Orange(光的常见色)来代替光线本身。光、被摄物、颜色和情绪,这四者的关系,正是她的兴趣点。


Grey Chen (灰小),英国诺丁汉特伦特大学摄影研究生;本科(二年级)毕业于伦敦艺术大学坎布威尔艺术学院平面设计专业。她的作品被屡次选入欧洲(英国为主)的展览。

作者: He Yining Photography

Yining He is a professional writer, photographer and curator of Go East Project. Working in the media industry, she has covered stories all over China and Europe for many leading magazines, newspapers and organisations. Yining graduated with an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. She specializes in telling stories on multiple platforms using text, photography, archive material and social media. Her works has been seen in group and solo exhibitions in China, USA and England. She is now working on Go East project, which is a blog offering updated news on contemporary Chinese photography on a weekly basis.