The Yellow River | Zhang Kechun | Jiazazhi Press

The Yellow River by Jiazazhi Press
  • Title: The Yellow River
  • Photographer: Zhang Kechun
  • Date of publication: June 2014
  • Dimensions:  55 colour pictures, 120 pages
  •                       250mm x 250mm x 18mm
  •                      Clothbound hardcover Limited Edition (Signed Copy)
  • Designer: Lina Liu, Yanyou Di Yuan
  • Editors: Yanyou Di Yuan, Zhu Mo, Muge
  • Publisher: Jia Za Zhi Press
  • Edition: 500
  • Price: USD 65 / RMB 320
  • Website:

“Carefully and quietly, Zhang Kechun waits for the history itself coming in his view. His pictures are so calm that there’s no arrogant human or angry river. Everything goes to quietness, which is actually enduring power.”

—— Ou Ning (Curator, Art Critic)

In late June, Jiazazhi Press released “The Yellow River”, a poetic photobook created by Zhang Kechun. The Yellow River, known as “the cradle of Chinese civilization”, is the longest waterway in China. Inspired by the series “Sleeping by the Mississippi” taken by Magnum photographer Alec Soth, Zhang Kechun start “The Yellow River” project from 2010.

Carried a Linholf 4*5 camera on his back, Zhang walked more than ten times upstream westward from the estuary of the river, through Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mogolia, Ningxia, Gansu and Sichuan, heading to the river source near the Bayan Har Mountain in Qinhai. As Zhang said: “While along the way, the river from my mind was inundated by the stream of reality. The river, which once was full of legends, had gone and disappeared. This is kind of my profound pessimism. Nevertheless, as a vast country with a long history, its future is always bright. There is a descent in the matrix; there is her own nutrition to feed her babies; there is the power of creation to cultivate them strongly. The weak moaning finally will be drowned by the shout for joy. From this point of view, it seems, all shall be optimistic.

Zhang Kechun, born in 1980 in Sichuan Province. He currently lives and works in Chengdu. He won the National Geographic Picks Global Prize in 2008, was nominated by Three Shadow Photo Award in 2012, nominated by Sony World Photography Awards in 2012 and 2013, nominated by the Prix HSBC Pour la Photographie 2014.His works were exhibited on 2012 CAFAM-Future Exhibition, 2013 Beijing Photo Biennial, 2013 PHOTOQUAI World Photography Biennale, 2014 Arles Photo Festival, 2014 Beijing +3 Gallery solo exhibition.

3/51 The Yellow River | Photography by Zhang Kechun
4/51 The Yellow River | Photography by Zhang Kechun
41/51 The Yellow River | Photography by Zhang Kechun

作者: He Yining Photography

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