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1) OFOTO 全摄影画廊

Being the earliest professional photography art gallery in Shanghai, as well as in China, OFOTO has gained its increasing reputation both home and abroad.  For the selection of artists, we do not separate photography by documentary, conceptual, contemporary or classical.  An artist is accepted only when his or her creativity in photography is confirmed from his or her works.  OFOTO strives to discover and cultivate emerging young photographers with individuality in idea or in technique, and offers them a platform for exhibition, communication and development in order to help them in their pursuit of art and mature together with the gallery.

Since September 2006, OFOTO has collaborated with more than 60 artists by holding over 50 exhibitions successfully and invited several well-known experts from home and abroad as curators or academic supports.  In December 2009, OFOTO opened a new space, ANART (, for display of other art forms beside photography.

OFOTO not only offers space for photography exhibition, but promised a trust quality by professional services of developing, scanning, printing, framing and mounting.  Besides, we also sell excellent works with professional attitude.


OFOTO Gallery


2) M97 Gallery

 Showing big name photographers from all over the world, M97 Gallery captures the direction that photography has taken over the past 30 years.

——Hunter Braithwaite, CNN

M97 Gallery is one of the largest photography galleries in China, which established in 2006 in Shanghai, China’s financial capital and global city. Consistently exhibiting contemporary and fine art photography that spans all genres of the medium, M97 represents an eclectic range of important emerging and established artists working with photography.

M97 is a 300-square-meter space with a 200-square-meter main exhibition room and has an active program of solo and group exhibitions, as well as regularly participating in Asian and international art fairs. In the eight years since the gallery’s establishment, M97 has been dedicated to helping set standards and expand understanding and appreciation for the history and art of photography in China. It is also a great platform for Chinese young talents to show case their works.

M97 has exhibited the work of Nadav Kander, Roger Ballen, Peter Bialobrzeski, Robert van der Hilst and recently Michael Wolf. Aslo solo exhibitions of well-known Chinese Photographic artists such as A Dou, Wang Ningde, Luo Dan and Jiang Zhi.


M97 Gallery


3) Beaugeste Photo Gallery 比极画廊

Beaugeste is specialized in the essentials of Chinese contemporary photography, especially Chinese photography or China as photographed by international artists, based in Shanghai’s art street Taikang road.

First opened in 2007, Beaugeste originally represent Gallery VU’ of France. Specialized in Chinese contemporary photography for art lovers and collectors of photography, it is a “boutique gallery” hidden on the fifth floor of Tianzifang the art street of Taikang Road.

International photographers including Marc Riboud, Klavdij Sluban, Thierry Girard, Anders Petersen, Alain Buu, Diana Lui, Pokchi Lau, Catherine Cameron, Eric Mannerts, Solange Brand … Chinese photographers include Wu Jialin, Jiang Jian, AN GE, Lu Yuanmin, Lu Guang, Wang Fuchun, Wang Gang, Yan Changjiang, Xu Peiwu, Aniu, Li Zhixiong, Hu Li etc


Beaugeste Gallery


 4) Kunst.licht Photo Art Gallery 鲲鲤国际影廊

Kunst.licht is a photo art gallery that aims to liberate genuine photo art from the constraints of museums and closed collections and bring it into the lives of as many people as possible. All photographs for sale are exclusive to kunst. licht and they don’t make reprints once they sell out. This means a piece of art — only nine to 99 prints (depending on the edition) of each exist — can be purchased at reasonable prices. The current exhibition is Liu Xun’s most recent body of work entitled “Specimen.”

Kunst.licht is dedicated to the art of photography, presenting well-established and selected emerging artists. Located in Shanghai, China’s global city, kunst.licht succeeds in supporting individual and institutional collectors by presenting a professional and reliable platform, ensuring the highest standards and authentic fine art by artists working in photography.


Kunst.Licht Photo Art Gallery
  •  kunst.licht Photo Art Gallery
  • 210, North Ulumuqi Road
  • 200040 Shanghai – China
  • T 0086 21 624 907 37

5 ) C14 Gallery

 C14 Gallery is the youngest professional gallery committed to contemporary photography. Established in 2013,C14 Gallery has exhibited the masterpieces of Barbara Morgan, Imogen Cunningham, Ralph Gibson, Wynn Bullock and William Eugene Smith, followed by Christopher Makos’ solo exhibition “Andy Warhol In China” and solo exhibitions of renowned Chinese artists such as Mo Yi. Since the beginning of the establishment, C14 launched its annual project of emerging artists, collaborating with well-known curators and international photography galleries.

C14 derives from “Carbon 14 dating”, connoting the concept of eternity. C14 Gallery is devoted to discover and represent local and international photographic artists, and moreover to refresh local photography art and to evoke more possibilities in contemporary photography.

C14 Gallery
  • C14 Gallery
  • Room317-326, Building 5, Lane 210, Taikang Road
  • Xuhui District, Shanghai
  • +86 21 6477 4120


作者: He Yining Photography

Yining He is a professional writer, photographer and curator of Go East Project. Working in the media industry, she has covered stories all over China and Europe for many leading magazines, newspapers and organisations. Yining graduated with an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. She specializes in telling stories on multiple platforms using text, photography, archive material and social media. Her works has been seen in group and solo exhibitions in China, USA and England. She is now working on Go East project, which is a blog offering updated news on contemporary Chinese photography on a weekly basis.

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