Selected Photography Exhibitions in China (MAY)

1. An Independent Person

Ruan Yizhong Photography Exhibition

2014.04.12 – 2014.05.13

5F-A, Building 3, No 579 Zhangsutan,

Chengguan District, Lanzhou

Gucang Contemporary Photography Space

The Independent Person Exhibition Poster


2. Three Shadows Photography Awards 2014

2014.04.26 –

Cao Chang Di, Art District, Beijing

Three Shadows Photography Art Center

Photography by Tian Jing


 3. Weeds of Wallasey

Chris Shaw Photography Exhibition

2014.04.26 – 2014.05.26

798 East street, no.2 jiuxianqiao rd, 798 Art District

Aura Gallery


Chris Shaw Photography Exhibition poster



4. Pagoda Art Exhibition

2014.05.09 – 2014.06.27

2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd


OFOTO Gallery


Pagoda Art Exhibition poster


5. Curves of Moon and Rivers of Blue

Nadav kander Photography Exhibition

2014.05.10 – 2014.07.19

15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road,

Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Blindspot Gallery



Photography by Nadav Kander


Small Economies | Yuan Jianyong | Hurtwood Press

  • Title: Small Economies
  • Photographer: Yuan Jianyong
  • Date of publication: April, 2014
  • Place of publication: Surrey, England
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 210mm
  • Publisher: Hurtwood Press
  • Website:

Final year photography student at University of Portsmouth, Jianyong (b.1989) produced Small Economies, his latest artistic book on the theme of British small-personalised stores. The project examines the relationships between small economies and the current British society, seeking to explore how those small economies survived in the new, globalised world.

Specialized in environmental portraits, Jianyong photographed fourteen shopkeepers and their shops.  As Adam Smith posits in the “Wealth of Nations” that the British were ‘… a nation of shopkeepers’. Nevertheless, “traditional small economies are facing unprecedented pressure in contemporary society, with many town centres losing any individuality as multinational chains drive out local competition. Many would argue that this is a result of globalisation, as large, multinational corporations are able to undercut small business in regards to price, and many small shops run by families disappear when they are unable to compete.” as Yuan noticed.

Acquired his first camera and begins to enter the world of photography in 2009, his main interests in portrait photography, first, on the location or studio. On the other, exploring humanity behavior in the public environment and reveals people as they truly are. Yuan’s eyes search times and places with a poetic image, enigmatic, sometimes calm and more objective close, leaving open the viewer to create his own vision of the image.

To know more of Yuan’s work, please check:



Hair and Bones | Wen Feiyi

Hair and Bones, photography by Wen Feiyi

Hair and Bones is a body of work created by Wen Feiyi, a young student at Royal College of Art in MA photography. Graduated from BFA Photography at Beijing Film Institute, Wen constantly concern of her work has been to investigate the possibilities for creating an artistic language from the context of everyday life.

Curiosity is the essential attitude underlying her approach to life, and also as the cornerstone of Wen’s art practice. Capturing or investigating the particular silence moments in everyday life, She is trying to explore the relationship between absence and existence.

As Wen said: “Everyday life is full of ambivalence.  Life is made up of the linear mundane experiences that present the most familiar and recognizable things. Yet, it is also clear that everyday life is home to the mysterious, the bizarre, the marvelous and the extraordinary.

I believe in a ‘ poetry’ that exists under the skin of everyday objects.  I am especially interested in the  ‘readymade’ or ‘ found object’ that I encounter in my daily routine, and I try not only to just capture them but also try to play with them.  Exploring the playful aspects between the ‘stage’ or ‘non-stage’, and the new experiments of object making improve my understanding of how to blur these boundaries.

The playfulness just hiding between intuition and rigorousness. Those kind of spaces are the places where I pinned this ephemera, as it can be such a term of ambiguity. I consider them as a dual self-image/self-portrait, the tensions between the environments and objects, whilst also a reflection/resonance of my self-awareness. ”

Wen’s work has been seen in group exhibitions in China, South Korea, US and UK. To see more of her work please visit:


Hair and Bones, photography by Wen Feiyi
Hair and Bones, photography by Wen Feiyi


Hair and Bones, photography by Wen Feiyi


Hair and Bones, photography by Wen Feiyi