Selected Photography Exhibitions in China ( Aug —— Sep)

1. Tsumari Story

RongRong & Inri

2014.07.26 – 2014.10.20

Cao Chang Di, Art District,

Three Shadows Photography Art Center

Tsumari Story by RongRong and Inri


2. Slow Bus to Gaza

Vanvan Chen Documentary Photography Exhibition

2014.08.23 – 2014.09.22

Caochangdi Art District East,

Dese Photo

Slow Bus to Gaza, Photography by Vanvan Chen


3. Artificial Theater

Zhang Wei

2014.08.20 – 2014.09.14

No 112, West Lize Garden, North Guangshun Road. Chaoyang District, Beijing

Yuan Art Museum


Artificial Theater by Zhang Wei

4. Fall Off Wonderland

Du Yang Photography Exhibition

2014.09.6 – 2014.10.31

No 14, Shanlao Hutong, Dongcheng District

Dust to Dawn Club


Fall off Wonderland by Du Yang


5. Splendputrid 

Fuyu Photography Exhibition

2014.08.31 – 2014.09.30

No.36, Building 6, Gaoan Road

C14 Gallery

Splendputrid, Fuyu Photography exhibition


6. Contemporary Photography in China 2009 -2014

2014.09.1 —— 2014. 10.15

570 West Huaihai Rd, Bldg F, Red Town Art District

Minsheng Art Museum


Contemporary Photography in China 2009 -2014


7. Photo Shanghai

2014.09.05 – 2014.09.07

No.1000, Yanan Road Mid, Jingan District Yanan

Shanghai Exhibition Center


Photo Shanghai




Selected Photography Exhibitions in China (JULY)

1. It’s Rather Better to Go Sailing, It’s Rather Better to Go Tatoo

2014.7.12 – 2014.8.10

5F-A, Building 3, No 579 Zhangsutan,

Chengguan District, Lanzhou

Gucang Contemporary Photography Space


2. Gazing at the Contemporary World:

Japanese Photography from the 1970s to the Present


Exhibition Floor 2, Building 7, Central Academy of Fine Art

Chaoyang District, Beijing

Photography by Hiroh Kikai

3. Alfa Castaldi Retrospective, Poet Behind the Lens

2014.5.31 — 8.28

No.1717, North Huidefeng Square,

Jinan District, Shanghai

10 Corso Como


Photography by Alfa Castaldi


4. Agentur Schwimmer

Sibylie Hofer

2014. 6.29 – 7.20

50 B, Fengxian Rd. (near Shimen Er Rd)

Jinan District, Shanghai

AM Art Space


Sibylle Hofter


5. Metamorphosis – Mirror

A Double Solo Show by Daniel Lee and Roger Ballen

2014.7.13 -9.14

No. 1016 North Suzhou Road, Shanghai

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai


Selected Photography Exhibitions in China (JUNE)

1. The Ode of Happiness

Ao Guoxing Photography

2014.05.31 – 2014.06.24

798 Photo Gallery

No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Amusement Part 6 | Ao Guoxing photography


2. Challenge The Tradtion

20th Century Western Classical and Chinese Contemporary Photography

2014.05.24 – 2014.06.29

Inside Out Art Museum

Xishikou Road Art District, Beijing


Challenge The Tradition Poster


3. “The Yellow River”

Zhang Kechun Photography

2014.05.24 – 2014.07.20

Three Shadow +3 Gallery

155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Yangzi River | Photography by Zhang Kechun


4. Sense of Presence

The Photography of Lu Yanpeng (2005-2012)

2014.05.31 – 2014.07.27

See+ Art Space /Gallery

B10, 797 Road, 798 Art Space, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing

Photography by Lu Yanpeng


5. View From the Window

Yuki Onodera Photography

2014.06.9 – 2014.09.12

kunst.licht Photo Art Gallery

No.210, North Ulumuqi Road, Shanghai

Portraits de Fripes No.32 | Photography by Yuki Onodera


Chinese Photographic Galleries | Beijing


1) 798 Photo Gallery百年印象


The first art gallery dedicated to photography in China was established in April 2003. It is located in Da Shan Zi Art District at #4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Its unique design is based on the original structure of the Bauhaus styled factory aided by East Germany. The gallery aims to discover and collect fine photography works, and provides a platform for cultural and commercial exchange in order to help photographers. 

 The gallery holds various exhibitions non-periodicallyfeaturing both classical and contemporary photography art works. The  printing and framing qualities of these photographs were made to strict international archival standard. They have been approved and collected by many international collectors.

798 Photo Gallery

2) Inter Art Center / Gallery艺术中心 /映画廊

 Established by Jin Ping and Na Risong in 2006, the Inter Art Centre is the most authoritative photo collecting organization in China. Since its founding, the Inter Art Centre has been devoted to collecting, conserving and exhibiting classic photography, also presenting contemporary arts, new media and experimental arts.

 With an accessible area of 1000 square meters, the Inter Art Centre is formed by the Inter Gallery, “Pixel” Publishing & Editing House, Pixel Book Bar, Café Lounge and Inter Print Studio. Inter Gallery is the point of presentation, exhibition and promotion. It’s the agent of a number of the most important Chinese Artists and responsible for popularizing and promoting relative art works. 

 Pixel Book Bar handles a wide selection of books and albums. The contemporary art books and photography collections are two main categories. It also organizes book launch party, lecture, seminar, film screening and other public events. The café lounge provides first-class beverage and cookies. It specifically serves renowned Puer tea from Yunnan Province, black teas and coffee. 
Inter Print Studio has professional Epson printer, other inkjet equipments and fine art papers, which earned high reputation in circles for good skill and service.


Intergallery, Beijing


3) Timeless Gallery 泰吉轩画廊

 Timeless-Gallery was founded in August, 2009 and they specialise in photographic art collections. ‘Classic photography, art collecting’ is their business concepts. Timeless-Gallery offers top international photographers’ classic works to Chinese photographic art collectors. It changes the empty Chinese photographic collecting market, and at the same time helps Chinese photographic collecting become more international. 

 Timeless Gallery has exhibited the work of Eugène Atget, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston Families, Imogen Cunningham, W. Eugene Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ruth Bernhard, Michiko Kon, Michael Kenna, Barbara Morgan and etc.



Timeless Gallery, Beijing



4) Three Shadow +3 Gallery  三影堂+3画廊

 Three Shadow +3 Gallery, a new independent art space founded by Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Caochangdi, first seeks to act as a channel for promoting Chinese Photography, past and present, and keeping its doors open to the future of the medium. It aims to provide a professional model for promoting and guiding China’s homegrown artists, and offer opportunities to the public to better understand and recognize the excellent photography produced in China. To this end, +3 gallery aims to foster the further development of informed collecting photography in China.

 While its main focus is on Chinese contemporary photography, Three Shadow +3 gallery is also committed to showcasing outstanding photography from abroad. Through collaborations with international art spaces and fairs, Three Shadow +3 gallery is working towards expanding the audience for these photographs at home, while also increasing Chinese photography’s exposure in other regions of the world.

  • Email:
  • Address: 155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  • Website:


Three Shadow +3 Gallery

5) See+ Gallery

See+ gallery is a space to show photography works, the academic committee makes up of famous image critics and curators, takes charge of recommending and planning great photographers’ exhibition. As a professional agency and marketing mechanism,see+ gallery is dedicated to be a platform for fine arts .

With the international first-class curators and critics resources, see+ gallery often invites experts to do lectures and seminar. Good academic background provides assurance both for exhibition and sale.

The gallery is in 798, the famous art zone in Beijing. There are two big exhibition rooms, one VIP selected exhibition room and a small shop, selling relevant art products and catalogues, more than three hundred square meters.

  • Address: B10, 797 Road, 798 Art Space
  • No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing 
  • Website:
See + Gallery

Selected Photography Exhibitions in China (MAY)

1. An Independent Person

Ruan Yizhong Photography Exhibition

2014.04.12 – 2014.05.13

5F-A, Building 3, No 579 Zhangsutan,

Chengguan District, Lanzhou

Gucang Contemporary Photography Space

The Independent Person Exhibition Poster


2. Three Shadows Photography Awards 2014

2014.04.26 –

Cao Chang Di, Art District, Beijing

Three Shadows Photography Art Center

Photography by Tian Jing


 3. Weeds of Wallasey

Chris Shaw Photography Exhibition

2014.04.26 – 2014.05.26

798 East street, no.2 jiuxianqiao rd, 798 Art District

Aura Gallery


Chris Shaw Photography Exhibition poster



4. Pagoda Art Exhibition

2014.05.09 – 2014.06.27

2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd


OFOTO Gallery


Pagoda Art Exhibition poster


5. Curves of Moon and Rivers of Blue

Nadav kander Photography Exhibition

2014.05.10 – 2014.07.19

15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road,

Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Blindspot Gallery



Photography by Nadav Kander